Outsourcing Manager

Roald Leikanger

June 2, 2023
Roald Leikanger

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We turn ideas into tangible products that make a significant impact.

How can you put a price on innovation? Someone has to, and that’s Roald’s time to shine.

For ten years, Roald has been overseeing SEAONICS’ vast network of subcontractors, ensuring that every little detail is accounted for when a design is sent off to production.

At SEAONICS, we turn ideas into tangible products that make a significant impact. We sell products that are not products - yet. That is the challenge but also the opportunity. We manage to do that successfully here on the west coast of Norway, much due to trust-based relationships with ambitious clients.

It’s not always a question of cost when choosing where to produce SEAONICS’ equipment. Other important factors include the technology available to subcontractors and the size of the products being made. For example, some products are so large that it requires careful consideration of logistics from the beginning, to ensure they can be successfully transported to the end user.

At the end of the day, Roald is happy when the price is right for the client and SEAONICS. But his primary source of motivation comes from finding meaning in the simple things.

– I experience a strong sense of pride when I see products at the supermarket that we contribute to getting there. There might be challenges along the way, but the satisfaction I get from clients setting new fishing records using our equipment makes it all worth it.

Roald also proudly speaks of his son, daughter, and hometown of Stadt. When he’s not spending his weekends in his summer house at Stadt, you’ll either find him on a mountain top or the dance floor. In fact, Roald has been a keen dancer all his life and will travel coast to coast to get his swing on at dance galas.

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