Senior Mechanical Engineer

Knut Petter Maråk

June 2, 2023
Knut Petter Maråk

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Seeing something you've imagined on a computer screen transformed into 100 tons of steel. I'll never get used to that feeling!

Knut Petter came to SEAONICS in 2013 after finishing his master's in product development and production. He is originally from the quintessential postcard village of Geiranger and believes growing up surrounded by nature and mountains has been a massive influence.

Knut Petter is an adventurer. He explores the world through surfing, skiing, or climbing. When he's home, he enjoys bouldering and catching waves during the warmer months of summer. As the seasons change, he is drawn to the ski slopes, where he enjoys life in a caravan despite being one of the few "single ski bums" at the campsite, as he puts it.

His eagerness to conquer new heights is just as evident in Knut Petter's work life. 

– I love having a job where I can explore new concepts, discover new ways of working, and tackle new challenges. It's a creative job that requires imagination, and you have to consider everything from functionality to end-user and even aesthetics.

He commends SEAONICS for allowing him to act on his wanderlust.

– An employer that gives me the flexibility to do what I love is very important to me. There is a lot of trust and elbow room here, and people can be themselves.

As important as flexibility is to Knut Petter, his colleagues are an even more significant contributor to his happiness at work. He explains how being able to bounce ideas off his colleagues is a must when solving what can sometimes seem impossible.

– On your own, you can sit and ponder all day, but together we solve problems instantly. There is such a can-do attitude here, and it's inspiring being surrounded by people who are determined to be pioneers in the market. We dare to take risks, and we succeed.

The results of Knut Petter and his team's can-do attitude benefits clients worldwide and have even resulted in SEAONICS winning the OSJ Innovation of the Year award for the ECMC Crane.

– It was such a cool moment when we won the Innovation of the Year award, but the FAT on the crane was an even bigger milestone for me. Seeing something you've imagined on a computer screen transformed into 100 tons of steel. I'll never get used to that feeling!

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