We are Specialists

We help our clients become global leaders in sustainable ocean exploration, development, and harvesting.


SEAONICS develops handling and lifting solutions for intelligent, efficient, and profitable operations. We constantly innovate to create future-proof solutions that meet high safety and zero-emission standards.

The key to our success lies in the long and close cooperation between our Specialists and clients that are the best in their field.

SEAONICS was founded in 2011 with headquarters in Ålesund, Norway, and offices and production site in Gdańsk, Poland. We are strategically placed in the maritime cluster on the west coast of Norway.

Our aim is to contribute to safer and more sustainable operations for our clients. We continuously innovate and push the boundaries of today’s technology, to enhance and electrify the handling industry.

We work in close collaboration with our clients. Both to guarantee satisfaction throughout our product's lifespan and to gain a comprehensive understanding of current and future challenges.

We give you the upper hand at sea through specialized knowledge and cutting-edge technology.

Our Purpose

Driven by the world's need for sustainable innovation, SEAONICS will lead our customers efficiently and safely to the next level of intelligent, electrified handling and lifting solutions for the maritime industry.


With specialized knowledge and technology, SEAONICS will electrify the handling industry for the benefit of our partners and customers, and the marine environment.


With specialized knowledge and technology, SEAONICS will strive to make maritime handling and lifting solutions even more efficient, smarter and more profitable.

SEAONICS will challenge today's technology to shape the handling and lifting solutions of the future. In this way, we will help our customers to be the best in the world for sustainable ocean exploration, development and harvesting.