Oil & Gas

Reducing downtime and ensuring safe and efficient operations.

SEAONICS provides handling solutions designed to operate in the harshest offshore environments, with unwavering deadlines and safety as the top priority. Our intuitive, user-friendly control system interface enables increased operator system control and operational efficiency, reducing downtime and ensuring safe and efficient operations. We are committed to sustainability and work closely with our clients to enable greener development and management of ocean resources.




Our cranes are a result of decades of field experience and user feedback, with a focus on performance and reliability. We provide customized crane solutions that enable efficient handling operations.


SEAONICS is a specialist in providing custom-designed winches, including standard and specialized winches tailored to meet specific operational needs.

Launch And Recovery Systems

We have a proven track record of delivering reliable LARS solutions. We utilize our proven technology, expertise, and dedication to optimize launch and recovery operations.


The AHC XT winch is an upgrade of the "single center rig "Deepsea Nordkapp" to obtain efficiency closer to the Odfjell dual center rigs. The winch has a redundant motor system and a redundant power supply from the rig's power system. This ensures the "safety in compensating" which is required when landing the XMT on the very expensive subsea production wells.

The Odfjell drilling team

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