Ocean Harvesting

Robust on-deck equipment for reliable and efficient operations in harsh conditions.

SEAONICS’ on-deck equipment is exceptionally silent, user-friendly, and kind to the environment. Our products are designed to be cost-efficient and very easy to maintain.

We work with our clients from the vessel design phase until the equipment is operational. Our clients are provided with a designated contact person at SEAONICS, offering first-hand access to our in-house competence, ensuring streamlined integration, optimal use, and support when you need it.

Our products are made to last. They undergo rigorous Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) in European testing facilities and come with a 5-year service and warranty program.




Our cranes are a result of decades of field experience and user feedback, with a focus on performance and reliability. We provide customized crane solutions that enable efficient handling operations.


SEAONICS is a specialist in providing custom-designed winches, including standard and specialized winches tailored to meet specific operational needs.


We have developed a good relationship with SEAONICS' service department, and they have been open to discuss and adapt to meet our needs. With high-performing products and a dynamic service organization, they are a key partner in order for us to reach our goal of being number one in our field.

Kenneth Holmøy, Managing Director, Nergård Havfiske

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The change from a hydraulic to an electric driven winch system has gone very well. In just a couple of months, the crew adjusted to the winch operations with the electric system during the different operations. Both crew and captain, with previous experience from hydraulic winches, reported that the system performance has been excellent with only a couple of minor issues, and they have been very impressed with the system. A huge benefit is the very low noise level, which is great for the crew which is off duty and resting, and finally, there are no leaking hydraulic pipes!

Crew and captain, Kvalnes

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