Preben Alexander Jensen

February 2, 2024
Preben Alexander Jensen

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When the dust has settled after a product is successfully delivered, it's Preben's turn to take over the reins. He oversees servicing and manages SEAONICS' many technicians on assignments worldwide. He is constantly cracking the personnel puzzle, ensuring the right people are at the right place at the right time.

– Our guys can be sent out on short notice anywhere in the world, on missions lasting from a few days to several weeks. When we receive an inquiry from a client, it can either be that they plan to dock at a shipyard in a month and need one of our guys there, or they're off-hire and need us there pronto. We're constantly identifying the most critical issue and allocating resources accordingly, Preben says.

Originally, Preben had set sail for a career at sea, but with the birth of his daughter, he anchored himself on dry land. He got a job at Vard and eventually came to SEAONICS, swayed by the great things he had heard through the industry grapevine. Preben has a certificate of apprenticeship in industrial mechanics and has also studied management, economics, and personnel psychology, a combination that is spot-on in his current job.

– I love working with people. It's fun to mix and match different types and ages, like sending one guy aged 50 and another aged 19 off to work together in the Barents Sea for a few weeks. My technical background also helps me communicate complex issues more efficiently, he explains.

Preben values variation at work, and when asked to describe an average day, he explains that, thankfully, there is no such thing.

– I would go mad if I had to do the same thing every day. Here, no two days are alike. Not even two hours! I jump between researching safety shoe soles to discussing details of an invoice, and suddenly, I have to handle a colleague being stuck on a heliport in Denmark, he laughs.

Following a day packed with diverse tasks, Preben enjoys unwinding in nature.

– I have been passionate about hunting as a hobby since my early days, and I got my hunting qualification at just 15. Now it's been a while because my little one takes up all hours of the day – and sometimes night, he smiles.

Preben thrives in the Norwegian woods and loves hiking the epic mountains we're surrounded by. He's always looking for tougher routes and challenging trails, feeling right in his element when he has a peak all to himself.

– I love turning off my phone and disappearing into the wilderness for a bit, finding a spot so secluded that the silence almost explodes in your ears, he says dreamily.

He goes on to admit that despite being an experienced mountaineer, he has gotten lost on occasion, reminiscing about a time he forgot his head torch during winter.

– I completely lost my way, he laughs. Luckily, it didn't deflate my enthusiasm, but nowadays, I don't head out on the most ambitious routes. I love going for a quick hike after a busy day at work or early on a summer morning when you have the whole mountain to yourself, he says.

Preben undoubtedly thrives on challenges, both on his hiking escapades and on the job, making SEAONICS a perfect match.

– I like it when it's a bit stormy. What initially drew me to SEAONICS was the vibe: talented and flexible people maintaining a positive and relaxed atmosphere despite the high tempo. Together, we solve the most incredible things, and that never fails to fuel my motivation, Preben says proudly.

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