David Hatlehol Gjelsten

June 22, 2023
David Hatlehol Gjelsten

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David began his journey as a mechanical engineer at SEAONICS in 2021. Before joining the company, he had completed a bachelor's degree in Product and System Design, a one-year program in Economics and Management, and gained experience working as a quality engineer for Doosan. Driven by the opportunity at SEAONICS, David relocated to Ålesund from his hometown of Fiksdal.

Now David is settled in Olsvika with his partner in a 1959 house in need of some elbow grease. He spends his spare time working out in the gym – conveniently located in the same building as SEAONICS, modifying his car, playing his guitar, and renovating his house. "A few things need fixing," he remarks but then goes on to list the fireplace, the doors – not to forget the walls and the roof.

– There's nothing quite like pointing at something and being able to say, "'I did that myself," David says, explaining his passion for DIY projects and customization.

David's zest for building and creating also gets an outlet at work. He acknowledges that working at SEAONICS can be both thrilling and daunting, as it often involves pioneering uncharted territory. Fortunately, support at SEAONICS is never far away.

– At SEAONICS, everyone has the chance to make an impact. If you're eager for responsibility, it's there for the taking, he explains. And if you're stuck, there's always someone ready to help – like the colleague whose design I'm working on, he is sitting right down the hall, he adds.

David finds the cross-departmental collaborations at SEAONICS to be truly inspiring, creating an environment where magic can happen.

– The continuous interaction and knowledge-sharing between the departments is essential when exploring opportunities and improvements. Together, we ensure the best possible results, David says.

For him, the rewarding aspect of the job comes from seeing months of hard work materialize into a tangible, functional product. When asked about his proudest moment at SEAONICS, he replies that there are many, but points out that winning the Innovation of the Year Award for the ECMC crane was a true testament to their teamwork.

– That was an epic moment for everyone, and then we dove right back into our next challenge, David laughs.

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