Lead Senior Planner

Caroline Kjerstad Grønli

June 2, 2023
Caroline Kjerstad Grønli

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When I interviewed for my job at SEAONICS, I made them promise me one thing: That I’d never have to be bored.

Caroline is one of those steadfast people that you’d find yourself running to in an emergency. But behind the relaxed and reliable first impression, there is a cheeky smile, and a cracking sense of humor. And by the sounds of it, she never sits still.

– My biggest pet peeve is being bored. I can’t stand it, not at work or in my spare time. In fact, when I was interviewing for my job at SEAONICS, I made them promise me one thing: That I’d never have to be bored.

As a Lead Senior Planner, she got what she bargained for. Her days are spent persistently gathering information from key people in the vast value chain that makes up SEAONICS. She stays on top of every little detail whilst also maintaining an overview of the entire process. Her job is to ensure a steady flow in every project, foreseeing potential challenges, maintaining progress, working hours and deadlines.

Have you ever met a knitting hunter?

Well, now you have. Caroline will whip out her knitting whilst on the lookout. This really goes in line with her need to fill every second of the day. When she’s not keeping track of the projects at SEAONICS, she has two dogs to discipline, she's involved in politics, and even plays cornet in her local brass band.

When describing SEAONICS, Caroline is clear on what the success factors are:

Committed people, working in a flat organizational structure create a fantastic working environment. There’s an incredible amount of knowledge here that is encouraged and nurtured, resulting in seriously exciting products!

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