Control System Engineer

Mateusz Jedynak

June 2, 2023
Mateusz Jedynak

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We don't just do what everyone else is doing. We dare to try, explore, and go for it.

Mateusz works on the control systems operating the gangways and cranes, and the simulators where you can practice using SEAONICS' motion-compensated technology.

The field of control systems is extensive, and at SEAONICS Norway, there are around 14 individuals dedicated to sharpening the brain of the equipment. Mateusz stands out as a skilled programmer with specialized knowledge in camera control technology - or the eyes of the equipment, so to speak.

Mateusz and SEAONICS have many things in common. He is always looking for ways he can make things better through creativity and innovation. When he got sick of locking and unlocking his storage at home, he developed a face recognition system that took care of that for him. He is also quite unafraid when facing new challenges, like launching his career at SEAONICS fresh out of school or even going from student life to fatherhood:

My daughter was born an hour and a half after I finished my exams. So I suppose it was only natural that I sometimes mix engineering and fatherhood. I've been 3D printing her toys and even made an automated bouncy-chair rocker.

Mateusz appreciates how the culture at SEAONICS has contributed to him learning new things and describes how his development is much due to getting lots of responsibility so early in his career. He values the sharing culture and open-door policy, making it simple to nip by the mechanic's department to discuss potential solutions.

We don't just do what everyone else is doing. We step out of our comfort zone and into the unknown. Instead of just reusing old technology, we develop something new. We dare to try, explore, and go for it.

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