Senior Purchaser

Odd Harald Skjong

June 2, 2023
Odd Harald Skjong

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It’s incredibly exciting what we’re achieving here at the moment.

Odd Harald is the man to lean on when time is of the essence. With a cool-headed approach, he uses his experience and network built up through 30 years in purchasing to ensure SEAONICS’ clients get what they need when they need it.

Having worked in various roles in the industry, from purchasing manager to senior buyer, Odd Harald has seen it all. He has experienced the ups and downs of the maritime industry and has always been drawn to companies that embrace change and flexibility.

– I believe SEAONICS’ greatest strength is the willingness to adapt, tackle challenges head-on, and invest in having the right resources at the right place. It’s incredibly exciting what we’re achieving here at the moment.

The approach Odd Harald is commending has resulted in a proud moment for him.

– I think SEAONICS is much more known now than we were just two years ago. I recently experienced at a European industry exhibition that someone pointed at me in a group and said, “Listen to that guy. Look to SEAONICS!” We have an exciting reputation, and that makes me proud.

Despite this, it is not the opinions of others that fuel Odd Harald but rather his connections with his colleagues.

– I firmly believe in communication and creating lasting relationships with the people I meet. I’m lucky to work with people who are flexible and make things happen. That gives me energy every day.

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