SEAONICS Celebrates Milestone with Successful FAT of ECMC Gangway

December 24, 2023
The successful Factory Acceptance Test (FAT), held yesterday, marked a major milestone for the ECMC Gangway team and the entire SEAONICS organization.

SEAONICS has delivered control system technology and know-how to the gangway market for ten years. We are now going full torque by introducing the SEAONICS Electric Controlled Motion Compensated Gangway: A complete package for efficient operations in the Offshore Wind market.

The gangway design is based on SEAONICS’s philosophy of electrifying all handling operations at sea, combined with our extensive experience in control system delivery. Now, we eagerly anticipate the installation of the gangway for the operational stage on the Norwind vessel next year.

- Our objective is always to lead the way when it comes to developing fully electric handling and lifting solutions that help our customers in the Offshore Wind market to perform necessary maritime operations safely and effectively, and make the transition to zero net emissions, says Fauske.

With this project, SEAONICS further reinforces its position as a supplier of specialised lifting and handling technology in the offshore wind market says Managing Director Håkon Fauske.

Smart Features for Seamless Operations

The design features a large cargo and personnel platform with a free sight towards the landing target, step-less positioning of the working height of the gangway, cargo transportation with a trolley between storage and landing target, a space-saving solution with fully integrated power and control electronics in cursor and gangway Kingpost.

Acknowledging the challenges posed by the offshore environment, the SEAONICS ECMC Gangway incorporates 3D motion compensation technology. This ensures stability and safety during transfers, even in challenging sea conditions, providing a reliable solution for offshore personnel.

The electrical cursor winches, integrated into the cursor, are designed for personnel lift. The boom, slew, and telescope control are all electric-driven and dynamically controlled to perform the motion compensation.

Sustainable Technology

The gangway is all-electric, ensuring not only operational efficiency but the system also regenerates power and feeds the power back to the vessel grid. This feature aligns with the industry's growing commitment to environmentally friendly solutions and reducing both the energy consumption and the risk of oil spill.

The well-proven control technology, for active motion compensation, is developed by SEAONICS. Our technology has served safe personnel transfer in offshore wind operations worldwide for almost 10 years.

This gangway is equipped with a 3D compensated cargo crane, and the system is equipped with the SEAONICS Auto-landing system. This system enables repeatable, safe, and efficient landing operations.

As the offshore industry continues to evolve, SEAONICS shall remain at the forefront, consistently delivering solutions that align with the industry's ever-growing demands.

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