SEAONICS signs contract for Cyan Renewables

April 3, 2024
SEAONICS is pleased to announce that we have signed a contract with VARD for equipping the Singapore based company Cyan Renewables, with the ECMC Gangway for their hybrid power Service Operation Vessel (SOV).

Cyan Renewables – Where green meets blue

Cyan Renewables is Asia’s first dedicated offshore wind vessel owner and aims to lead the marine sector’s transition from “blue to green”.  

Headquartered in Singapore, Cyan's mission is to contribute to a greener future by becoming the partner of choice for both wind farm developers and vessel operators.

“We're excited to deliver our ECMC Gangway to the offshore wind sector in Asia, and look forward to further growth in the region," says Sales Manager, Petter Nesset.
Ståle Fure (Vice President Sales) & Petter Nesset (Sales Manger).

The ECMC Gangway has been well received in the market, and this will be the sixth ECMC Gangway delivery from SEAONICS.

"We are proud of the impact the ECMC series is making and look forward to continued success in meeting the evolving needs of our customers," says Ståle Fure.

SEAONICS will be delivering an ECMC 30-meter walk-to-work gangway, extending the product range of the Electric Controlled and Motion Compensated gangway with crane functionality.

The gangway will be a fixed pedestal gangway version with a 3-ton SWL 3D-compensated crane capacity and includes a cargo elevator to support efficient logistic operations.

Looking forward to the cooperation

CEO of Europe Cyan Renewables, Lars Christian Zøhner, is optimistic and excited to work with SEAONICS on the gangway delivery for the vessel that will be built by VARD.

"We are very pleased with the process of integrating the equipment with the vessel. The fully-electric gangway is optimized for personnel and cargo transfer for our 15-year tender with Siemens Gamesa at the Hai Long offshore wind project," says CEO for Europe Cyan Renewables, Lars Christian Zøhner.
Håkon Fauske (SEAONICS) & Lars Christian Zøhner (Europe Cyan Renewables).

SEAONICS' Managing Director, Håkon Fauske, also eagerly anticipates the collaboration.

"We look forward to working with your competent team at Cyan. Together, we will deliver new robust gangway solutions to the SOV industry."
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