The SOV Norside Cetus is one of the two vessels.

SEAONICS ECMC Cranes signed for two SOVs for Norside Wind

June 2, 2023
We are proud to announce that we have signed a contract for our award winning Electric Controlled Motion Compensated (ECMC) Crane of two Service Operation Vessels (SOVs) for Norside Wind AS. The first crane will be delivered late this year for Norside Cetus and early next year for Norside Supporter.

The award winning SEAONICS ECMC Crane signed for two SOVs for Norside Wind.

Norside Wind's dedicated team is aiming for an immediate and sustainable solution to improve efficiency, reduce emissions and fuel consumptions on future projects. We believe that our ECMC Crane will help to achieve these goals, as the crane is fully electric and has a smart design for safer, greener and efficient operations. The ECMC Crane has superior 3D compensating capability, which will give Norside Wind the upper hand at sea.

We would like to thank Norside Wind for the valuable partnership over many years and for the excellent collaboration and dialogue. As the market is constantly evolving, we are looking forward to building our relationship further, by continuously adapting and improving our products or services.

Jun 27, 2024

Simulators should reflect actual system behaviour, not perfection – which doesn't exist in the real world

At Seaonics, we are dedicated to enhancing the safety and efficiency of mission-critical operations through the development of our motion-compensated gangway and crane simulator. Our focus is not on ultra-flashy 3D visuals, but on delivering accurate, real-world performance. This approach underpins both our control system software development and our operator training programmes, ensuring the highest levels of safety and operational effectiveness.
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Jun 21, 2024

Enhancing Performance and Reliability Through Retrofit Upgrades

In 2013, we installed our first offshore crane on the Norside Supporter. Fast forward to today, that same crane is installed aboard the upgraded Argeo Venture, and Norside Supporter have received the ECMC Crane.
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Jun 14, 2024

Delivered Handling Systems for Norway's New Coast Guard Vessels

KV Hopen represents the latest addition to the Jan Mayen class of Norwegian Coast Guard vessels for the The Norwegian Defense Materiel Agency. This vessel, along with its counterparts KV Jan Mayen and KV Bjørnøya is delivered with SEAONICS equipment.
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