Newest Member of Nergård Havfiske Fleet delivered with Seaonics Equipment

February 2, 2024
On December 5, 2023, Sørkapp was delivered from Vard Brattvaag to Nergård Havfiske—one week before the contractual date. Now, Sørkapp is in full operation.

Newest Member of Nergård Havfiske Fleet delivered with SEAONICS Equipment

Sørkapp has been delivered as the latest addition to the Nergård Havfiske fleet—a cutting-edge stern trawler equipped with the latest technology. The vessel features SEAONICS Cranes and Winch System, contributing to its modern capabilities.

Stern of Sørkapp before depature from Vard Brattvaag (photo: Kristin Støylen)

Espen Sjåstad, Project Manager at SEAONICS, extends heartfelt congratulations to Nergård and takes a moment to praise the exceptional team effort.

“Our team, alongside the dedicated workers at and the skilled personnel at Nergård, demonstrates a can-do spirit and a solution-oriented mindset. I'm truly proud of our collective achievement.”
Espen Sjåstad, Project Manager SEAONICS

Fleet Boost: Senja, Breidtind, and Now, Sørkapp

Nergård has undertaken a significant fleet upgrade in recent years through the construction and contracting of a total of three sister ships from Vard Group AS. The first vessel, Senja, was delivered in February 2020, followed by, Breidtind, in January 2022. The third sister ship, Sørkapp, is now ready for operation. Each vessel equipped with SEAONICS equipment.

Electric Handling Equipment

SEAONICS electric winches embody the future of efficiency. With reduced layers of wire on the drum, this creates a superior dynamic performance on all wire layers. Operating on electricity,these winches provide increased shoot and heave speeds, redundant motors, and regenerate power back to the vessel while shooting. Embracing a sustainable approach, these winches reduce reliance on hydraulic oil, marking a shift towards cleaner and more environmentally friendly maritime practices.

Handling Tough Seas

Espen Sjåstad stresses the need for robust deck equipment in harsh conditions. “When operating in harsh conditions, you need robust solutions,” he notes, while emphasizing the importance of continuously building competence and capacity in the aftermarket service.

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Customer Testimonial

Kenneth Holmøy, Managing Director, Nergård Havfiske

Apr 5, 2024

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Apr 3, 2024

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