Elevate your lifting and handling solutions with SEAONICS Aftermarket Program.

November 6, 2023
The Specialists at SEAONICS work around the clock to ensure high operability and profitable operations for the customers in the maritime industry.

– We deliver mission-critical equipment. If it’s not working – the vessel can be off-hire. That’s why an effective aftermarket program is crucial in the maritime industry, says Kenneth Borgen, Head of Global Service and Upgrades at SEAONICS.

Our Global Services and Upgrades team has traveled around to the customers in the last year. – Whether it’s a trawler or an industry giant, the feedback was the same: Our solutions provide next-level functionality. Simultaneously, customers emphasize the significance of efficient service and support, says Kenneth Borgen.

Preben Jensen and Kenneth Borgen at SEAONIC´s Headquarters in Ålesund.

After years of high-growth and growing install base, we have increased our investments and developed our Aftermarket Program to ensure that the needs of our customers will be fulfilled. – We develop our program according to the clients' needs, Kenneth elaborates.

– We have listened to our customers and are expanding the service mechanics and engineers team, says Preben Jensen. He is the Team Leader of Service at SEAONICS.

– Errors and downtime can occur, whether at sea or SEAONICS. By being hands-on and specialized, we can resolve the problems as effectively and quickly as possible, Preben adds.

We offer a complete Aftermarket Program containing Field Service, Remote Support, SeaBrief, Training & Simulators, Retrofit & Upgrades, and Spare Parts.

The SEAONICS Aftermarket program contains 1. Field Service, 2. Remote Support, 3. SeaBrief, 4. Training, 5. Upgrades & Retrofit, 6. Spare Parts

24/7 on All Oceans

It doesn't take long before Preben must answer the phone. A customer needs a more customized solution to their problem. To solve all the tasks Preben must re-arrange the teams of service technicians. The employees are ready and adaptable and move on first flight from Asia to Europe to find the right solutions.

– We provide assistance to a diverse range of individuals, for instance, a Greenlander who grew up on a trawler. At the same time, we can get a call from a financier in London in the energy market. The variety of individuals we work with makes every day exciting, Preben says and smiles. He loves pulling together the best team based on professional needs and cultural fit.

The team of Service Technicians works on a rotation scheme. When on the job, they're available whenever and wherever needed. The scheme also provides opportunities for relaxation and motivation to a new rotation.

Next-Level Technology for Safer Operations

SEAONICS uses High-Tech to develop a better Aftermarket Program. Our customers have clarified: We must cooperate to de-risk and reduce costs and errors.

This winter, the new simulator lab, SEAONICS Academy, opens at our headquarters. In addition to training on-site and online, SEAONICS can then provide customers with realistic training in handling gangways, winches, and cranes in different weather and sea conditions.

– With our digital platform, SeaBrief, we aim to proactively address and mitigate issues. By gathering operational data from the operations, we can make informed decisions to minimize downtime for our customers, says Kenneth. If a problem occurs, we can read the log, try to understand the problem, and solve it on the first visit.

Kenneth and Preben are proud to offer a complete Aftermarket program and fulfill the Service Level Agreement with each customer. – Small trawlers, huge oil rigs, or wind farms: we customize and specialize the program to their needs. This will build stronger, more collaborative partnerships with our customers, Kenneth ends.

All Hands on Deck: Back-Office Support

In addition to technicians on rotation, experienced staff are available around the clock at SEAONICS back-office (support). We have recently increased the staff at our back-office. With an overview of everything from Spare Parts via upgrades to crisis management, the back office is available to help.

– It's easy to answer a phone, but the quality of the answers is essential in building a good customer relationship and resolving things quickly. Plans change along the way, which we must deal with, Kenneth says.

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