Berlin Delivered To DFFU

April 3, 2024
Stern trawler Berlin is delivered to Deutsche Fischfang Union GmbH with SEAONICS handling system.

Last week, SEAONICS successfully handed over the equipment on Berlin (NB931) to the Deutsche ship owner DFFU.

SEAONICS have delivered premium cranes and winches specially designed for safe and efficient deck handling in harsh conditions. The trawl winches have high dynamic performance enabling optimum conditions for the trawl in all conditions. During shooting or paying out wire all winches regenerate power back to the SeaQ Energy Storage System, hence will reduce the power consumption in operation.

Photo: Kristin Støylen

Berlin is equipped with advanced technical solutions from trusted partners. The technology and equipment onboard will enable the vessel to bring 100% of the catch to shore. One significant change with this new vessel is its shrimp-catching and processing capabilities, enlarging the portfolio of products produced onboard. This supports DFFU's goal of increased value creation at sea and directly aligns with their sustainability efforts.

Photo: Kristin Støylen

Incredible Team Work

It been a joy to follow this vessel as a project manager for SEAONICS. It is always a great feeling to witness the craftsmanship when we supply a comprehensive package of our cranes and winches, states Project Manager, Espen Sjåstad.

"I am proud of everyone involved in this delivery. It has been great to collaborate with Vard Brattvåg throughout this period. The team that has been working on her has done an excellent job, both onsite and remotely, to get her ready for the owner", says Espen Sjåstad.

The SEAONICS team takes pride in this delivery and wishes DFFU the best of luck in their future fishing endeavors.

Photo: Marte Edvardsen

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