Our realistic simulators provide a safe and lifelike environment for operators to practice a variety of scenarios, helping our customers to handle real-life situations even better.

SEAONICS specializes in supplying highly realistic and integrated simulator solutions.

Our simulators use real physics models, and based on our experience, enhancements, and adaptations, the system provides a very realistic model.

Using the same software platform as a foundation for all models enables versatility, fast development, and the ability to use the same simulators to train and verify complex, custom systems and operations. ​

  • Digital twins
  • Crane simulators​
  • Gangway simulators
  • 3D crane simulators
Training and testing
  • Training
  • ~Operator view
  • ~Instructor view
  • Virtual testing
  • ~Dynamic simulations
  • ~Support for Hardware in the loop (HIL), Processor in the loop (PIL), Model in the loop (MIL)
  • According to Rules and regulation DNVGL-ST-0378, edition July 2019