Autonomous systems and remote operations

Autonomous systems and remote operations

As specialists, we are committed to providing our clients with the solutions they need to prepare for a more sustainable future through advanced technology that enables remote operations and autonomy.

Sustainability is high on the agenda in the maritime industry, where fleet owners and operators are turning every stone to reduce their environmental footprint. A distinct trend is on the rise where actors are centralizing support functions in remote operation centers (ROC) to streamline maritime operations and cut emissions caused by traveling. Low-emission vessels with reduced accommodation arriving market are further accelerating this trend.

SEAONICS are at the forefront and has taken on a mission to assist our clients in streamlining their operations and reducing their environmental footprint. Our solutions for remote operations and autonomy are fundamental building blocks for our clients when preparing for the future.

Together, we can unlock benefits like:
  • Reduced CAPEX
  • ~New builds designed for remote marine operations can be built smaller and lighter compared to fully manned vessels.​
  • Reduced OPEX
  • ~Operation – SEAONICS equipment allows for seamless integration into clients' ROC facilitating the centralization of operators and specialists to serve whole fleets rather than single shifts per vessel.​
  • ~Maintenance – equipment is designed for ground up to accept lower maintenance frequencies.
  • ~Support – All our systems have an inbuilt capability for remote diagnostics and have extended instrumentation and computational models to effectively communicate equipment state to clients.
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • ~Equipment fully integrated into clients' ROC will lead to smaller boats, fewer travels, accommodation, and distributed functions.
  • Reduced environmental footprint
Key characteristics for SEAONICS solutions for remote operations ​

SEAONICS state-of-the-art solutions for remote operation and autonomy are designed with flexibility in mind to serve the client's remote operation philosophy. Our solutions range from turnkey solutions where SEAONICS supplies everything to solutions where we seamlessly integrate our equipment into client ROC.

Our solutions are future-proof and scalable, where offerings can be extended with real-time operator training simulators and real-time digital twins for increased situational awareness of ROC. Our framework can be set up with machine learning algorithms depending on clients' needs to unlock future productivity gains.