Research Exploration

SEAONICS provides customized handling technology like winces and cranes, hatches, skid systems and doors for safe and efficient deck and hangar operations. The systems are developed for seamless integration with LARS systems and have been endorsed for enabling ROV operations in challenging conditions and increasing the operational window.

Application area

  • Fishery research vessel
  • Oceanographic vessel
  • Expedition vessel
  • Research vessel
  • Yacht research vessel

System benefits

Optimal vessel and equipment integration

  • Close cooperation with owner, designer and yard
  • Equipment designed to fit vessel design.

Efficient deck operations and logistics

  • Fiber-rope winches and cranes
  • Moonpool hatches
  • Moonpool or Overside LARS
  • Integrated skid system
  • Overhead cranes
  • Sideports
  • Hatches and doors
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Scientific umbilical winches
  • Drop keels
  • AUV handling equipment

Increased crew safety

  • Training program and simulators
  • Improves hangar environment and safety for the crew during operation

Intuitive user interface

  • Operations integrated in one control system for easy operation, redundancy and control



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