Simulators and training - using Digital Twins


Operating heavy machinery in complex offshore operation requires skilled and trained operators to secure the safety of personnel and equipment. In a simulated environment, the operator gets familiar with both machinery and operation. Normal operation and unwanted scenarios are a realistic part of the training without any hazard for personnel or equipment. It is in our human nature to learn from our own failures; hands on training in real time simulator environment, is the safest place to gain such experiences. 


The digital twin of the machine is controlled by the same control system as the actual machine. Hence, the interaction between the operator and the machine is as in real life. On the instructor tablet, unwanted component errors and scenarios can be manipulated dynamically in the simulation. On the same tablet, through intuitive graphical interface, other scenario settings are easily activated. Seaonics simulators can be delivered in portable, rugged flight-case enabling you to setup your training at the most cost effective location for your crew. Seaonics delivers operator panels and chairs, -same setup as at the actual system. For classroom training with larger groups of operators, simplified desktop solutions of the Human Machine Interface, is an option.

Real-time simulation systems


Realistic behaviour

  • High performance simulators
  • Accurate dynamic simulation
  • Realistic behaviour through both visual and mathematical accuracy
  • Real control system hardware in the loop ensure realistic performance

Easy setup

  • User friendly instructor setup and control of simulation environment
  • Adjust environmental and system conditions
  • Easy setup of different scenarios


Training and planning operations


Real systems - real simulations 

  • Plan and assess operations before operation/production
  • Increase safety for personnel through training in safe environment
  • Increase knowledge of system possibilities and limitations
  • Emergency operation training




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