System integration

SEAONICS has deep multidisciplinary insight, allowing us to assist our clients to identify and unlock unsurfaced potential in vessel/equipment integration or equipment/equipment integration. Successful systems integration can unlock customer benefits such as space savings, increased efficiency in rigging- and marine operations, increased vessel capabilities or reduced fuel consumption.​

By working closely with SEAONICS clients can unlock benefits such as

  • Reduce environmental footprint
    • Successful integration equipment packages or hull bodies such as hatches can significantly improve vessel performance
    • Optimal hangar design can lead to more compact or lighter vessels​
    • Equipment package integration can reduce deadtime and lower manning need for rigging operations.​
  • Reduce CAPEX
    • Successful integration of equipment packages into vessel can unlock possibility for one package covering several needs, thus eliminating need for additional equipment.​
  • Reduce OPEX​
    • Seamless integration of SEAONICS remote operated equipment into customer Remote Operation Centers (ROC) can significantly reduce life cycle cost of conducting marine operations by reducing manning need required for: operation, surveillance and maintenance.​
  • Increased fleet capabilities, -do more with same assets​
    • Improve supported mission profiles by integrating mobile or flexible equipment bundles intro fleet, allowing for asset sharing or multi-purpose usage of same asset.​


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