Successful SAT for Remøybuen

This June we completed SAT for the vessel Remøybuen, built at Vard Aukra/Langsten, a 28 meter long Danish Seine vessel for Hans Remøy in Remøybuen AS. Remøybuen has all-electric winches and will set a new standard for these types of vessels.

Owner:  Remøybuen AS
Yard:  Vard Aukra/Langstein
Design:  Vard Design
Year:  2020
  • Danish Seine

The winch package consists of

  • 2x Seine winches with 5,26 m/s speed on outer layer
  • 1x DNV Certified Anchor Winch
  • 1x Cod End Winch
  • 2x Net Drum Winch
  • Switchboard


The winch package, control system and electro package is all done in-house in Seaonics, providing customer with efficient support for its entire life-cycle.

Interested in electric winches for Danish Seine vessels? Please contact Knut Molnes.

SEAONICS Main Office,Hundsværgata 8
NO-6008 Aalesund,NORWAY


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