Offshore Energy

SEAONICS provide premium topside lift and handling technology for offshore vessels. Optimal equipment integration is secured through close collaboration with vessel designer and ship owner, and has proved effective through existing deliveries.

The handling equipment is controlled through SEAONICS integrated control system. Rig equipment, moonpool and overside LARS systems, skidding, doors hatches and hangar equipment.

SEAONICS also deliver offshore and deck cranes, with hybrid and fiber rope solutions. All prepared for battery driven operations. 


The SEAONICS team has vast experience with accurate motion compensation and tension systems on hydraulic systems (since 1994) and electric systems (since 2001).


Renewable offshore wind energy market

Electric Controlled Motion Compensated Gangway and Crane SEAONICS has, for almost 10 years, been delivering control system technology and know-how for safe personnel and cargo handling in the walk to work gangway market.

By introducing the SEAONICS ECMC Gangway, SEAONICS is going full torque from zero speed and offers a complete package for efficient operations in the renewable offshore wind energy market

Read more about SEAONICS ECMC Gangway.

The SEAONICS Electric Controlled Motion Compensated Crane (ECMC) Crane is fully electric driven, allowing for efficient handling operations for a sustainable future. The control technology for the active motion compensation is developed by SEAONICS and well proven in offshore wind operations.

Read more about SEAONICS ECMC Crane.

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Petter Nesset

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Offshore Wind
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Offshore Oil&Gas

Through numerous deliveries of small and large electric winces within different segments, we have gained experience and knowledge to reduce downtime and enable sustainable development and management of ocean resources.

Within the Rig and P&A segment we collaborate with Castor Drilling Solutions.


Cable Laying

Offshore power and fiberoptic cables are necessary for offshore and onshore infrastructure. Our team has experience with design of cable laying machines (LCEs and CDEs), plough handling systems and trencher handling A-frames for efficient operations.

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Sales Manager

Offshore Energy
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Subsea Construction

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Offshore and deck cranes

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