Offshore and deck cranes

SEAONICS deliver cranes for heavy lifting operations including Subsea, FPSO/drill ship cranes and deck cranes. Cranes are designed and manufactured to ensure safe and efficient lift and handling operations for crew and ship owner in harsh conditions. A modern intuitive user interface and a high performing control system increases operator system control and operational efficiency.

System benefits

Safe and efficient operations.

  • Superior Active Heave compensation (AHC)
  • Active or passive Constant Tension (CT)
  • Automatic overload protection system (AOPS)
  • Manual overload protection system (MOPS)

Redundant and robust design

  • Hybrid winch solution with combination of electric and hydraulic motors
  • Full redundant control system (option)

Efficient operations

  • Variable speed at different loads reduces “time with no load”
  • Electrical power can be regenerated to the vessel and reduce cost

Easy maintenance through

  • Reduced complexity of hydraulic motors
  • Reduced size of HPU and accumulators.

Optimized operator cabin work environment

  • Improved sight in work zone through cylinder placement
  • Fully equipped cabin with operators chair (joystick, touch screen, ops of aux equipment (lights, window wipers)



New alternative designs
Our new boomerang shaped crane has wire/rope routed directly from winch to boom tip. This increases the work area compared to standard knuckle boom cranes and reduces wear and tear of wire. The crane is ideal for artic operations and fiber rope use.

Shipboard/Deck Cranes
SEAONICS also provide a wide selection of shipboard/deck cranes including Knuckle boom, fixed boom, telescopic and foldable cranes. Capacity range from SWL 0-25T and 2-25 m with options for remote control by cable or radio. Cranes are delivered as one unit to yard after FAT for easy installation.

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