World’s first autonomous gangway!

In August a world launch took place at Uptime International’s facilities in Haugesund, Norway.

Published: 08/30/2019 Updated: 05/27/2020

In August a world launch took place at Uptime International’s facilities in Haugesund, Norway. The main attraction, the Uptime 030 AMC Gangway, was presented as the world’s first autonomous gangway. Uptime is a leading supplier of gangways since 1979 and has delivered numerous active heave compensated and passive gangways. In collaboration with Uptime, Seaonics is delivering the complete control system and electric design package for the gangway in addition to the complete crane solution. Uptime 030 is a 30m long telescopic gangway with a new design. The end customer, Bernhard Schulte Offshore, will mount the walk-to-work gangway on one of their new SOVs built at Ulstein Yard.

The active motion compensated (AMC) gangway is equipped with an auto-landing system, based on artificial intelligence (AI). This is a new milestone with regards to safety and easy operability in rough conditions. 

This gangway is equipped with a slip-off detection system. If slip of is detected, the gangway automatically retracts to a defined safe position. Another added feature to the gangway is a crane mounted below the walkway part of the gangway to simplify load handling in addition to personnel transfer. Shifting between personnel transfer and crane mode is easily done on the control station. 

Please note from the picture that there are no operator cabin on the gangway as the gangway will be controlled remotely from the bridge.

With eight years of close cooperation with Uptime International, delivering innovative and high quality products together, we appreciate still being selected as control system and now also crane supplier for this system. We are proud to be part of setting the new standard for offshore gangways with Uptime and  Bernhard Schulte Offshore.


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