Trends in HMI

  The development in Human Machine Interface (HMI) is moving rapidly towards use of new technology and ways of communication/controlling the equipment. There are some areas that are must have`s in a HMI so that it is easy to understand and give the operator the needed information in order to control the machine/operation.

Published: 09/22/2020 Updated: 12/08/2020

Principles in HMI designs

The graphical user interface (GUI) is often the center of the interaction between the operator and the machine, and with 20+ years experience in GUI and machine control we have developed some main principles in the HMI design.

  1. Less is more –  we focus on what`s important for the operator for the given operation.
  2. Consistency – reuse of main graphical elements and color scheme.
  3. System perspective– we always use a system perspective to guide and ease easy the system navigation – so they are in full control



Over time these principles have mostly been applied to single equipment development GUI, but with the expansion into the cruise segment we got the challenge to scale from one operator to hundreds in a cabin control GUI, for HVAC, light control and communication with vessel staff. Through a centralized system design we established communication with hundreds of individual cabin control systems and distribute the graphical user interface to the touch screens in the cabins. The result was a system which is easy for vessel staff to control on an overall level, while each guest easily take control and set their individual settings during their stay.



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