Top performance for Remøybuens electric danish seine winch system from Seaonics

In June this year Seaonics delivered an eletric danish seine winch system to the newbuild Remøybuen, built at Vard Aukra/Langsten.

Published: 11/09/2020 Updated: 11/10/2020

Last we reported from a successful SAT, and a few months after the vessel went into operation we checked in with ship owner and crew onboard to get feedback after the first few months of operations. This is the feedback we got from crew and captain:

  • The change from hydraulic to an electric driven winch system has gone very well and in just a couple of months the crew adjusted to the winch operations with the electric system during the different operations.
  • Both crew and captain, with previous experience from hydraulic winches, reported that the system performance has been excellent with only a couple of minor issues, and they have been very impressed with the system.
  • A huge benefit is the very low noise level, which is great for the crew which is off duty and resting, and finally there are no leaking hydraulic pipes!

We are very pleased that Remøybuen is satisfied with the system we delivered and that it is performing according to their expectations. We are now in dialogue with several other potential new builds similar to Remøybuen and look forward deliver more electric seine winch systems.


Want to know more about danish seine winch systems from Seaonics please contact Knut Molnes


Below you can see a short sequence of the operations at Remøybuen the new system.  



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