The benefits and development of moonpool operations

Seaonics have over the years delivered moonpool systems to many leading offshore operators. Scientific vessel designers and researchers have lead the development of the trend of using the moonpool to deploy equipment for scientific operations. 

Published: 06/04/2020 Updated: 06/08/2020

Seaonics have over the years delivered moonpool systems to many leading offshore operators such as Solstad, Saipem and the Instititute of Marine Research in Norway. From the traditional use of the moonpool for ROV operations we have seen an increase in moonpool operations for new equipment. 

The benefits of moonpool operations vs overside operations are clear:

  • Improved working conditions for personnel in hangar vs over side with open hangar doors
  • Reduced vessel movement in the moonpool area is increasing the operational window and safety for personnel
  • Improved equipment handling and reduction of forces
  • Reduced power requirement

Scientific vessel design and researchers have lead the development of this new trends with using the moonpool to deploy new type of equipment for scientific operations. Through the EU project EUROFLEETS+ ( Seaonics is part of developing new concepts for handling technology for moonpool operations together with European research institutes and industry. We see many new applications where for moonpool applications in EUROFLEETS+ and have some exciting concepts we now discuss with ship designers and vessel owners.  


In REV Oceans research vessel REV a number of new moonpool innovations have come to life. We can now deploy AUV, Manned Submarine, CTD as well as ROV through the moonpool, all controlled with one integrated control system. REV will be the first vessel to carry out all these operations through the moonpool with one common handling system. We are excited to see the results and user experience.


Want to know more about moonpool operations? Contact Head of sales Jan Kjærstad.  


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