Successful X-mas tree operations onboard Deepsea Nordkapp with the Odfjell Drilling Team

Upgrade of Deepsea Nordkapp increase efficiency on single centre rig to obtain efficiency close to dual centre rigs. 

Published: 05/01/2020 Updated: 03/15/2022

In April 2019 Seaonics delivered a complete electrical handling system for to improve X-mas tree operations up to 90 tons.


The last job done by Odfjell Drilling, working for AkerBP on location Skogul in the North Sea, successfully landed and installed a 55t Xmas tree using the Seaonics Super Winch. One of Seaonics service-engineers supervised the operation on-board Deepsea Nordkapp.


The operation found place with a significant wave height of 3,2m. The electric winch performed very well and both Odfjell and AkerBP were very satisfied with its performance.


Prior, successful operations done with this equipment are:

-  Landing and installing one Xmas tree on the Skogul-field. Weight approximately 45t Subsea

-  Landing of OTS (Shield for trawls) on the Skogul-field. Weight approximately 6t Subsea

-  Pick-up of two X-mas trees from the Jette-field. Weight approximately 55t Subsea


The Odfjell Drilling Team appreciate the good cooperation with SEAONICS and states:

"The winch solution is designed in cooperation with Odfjell Drilling. This is an upgrade of the “single centre rig “Deepsea Nordkapp” to obtain efficiency closer to the Odfjell dual centre rigs. The winch has redundant motor system, and has redundant power supply from the rigs power system. This ensure the “safety in compensating” which is required when landing the XMT on the very expensive subsea production wells.»


We thank Odfjell Drilling for trusting us with the job and celebrate one year of successful activity for this equipment and look forward to the operations to come.

For more information contact Ståle Fure and check out this link


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