Seaonics secures contract for 55-ton Triple trawl winch system

  We are proud to announce that the Faroese ship owner Mortan Johannesson have chosen Seaonics to deliver a 55-ton Triple trawl winch system to the newbuild Havborg.

Published: 11/11/2020 Updated: 11/11/2020

State-of-the-art trawler

The vessel is based on Skipteknisk design No ST-119 and is expected to be completed by the end of 2022, from the Turkish shipyard Tersan Shipyard.

The new trawler is a state-of-the-art factory trawler, setting a new standard for these trawlers from a technical, safety and comfort perspective. The equipment package is developed in a close collaboration between Seaonics and the owner to ensure efficient vessel operations.



Equipment package

The vessel will be equipped with four trawl winches and prepared for a fifth trawl winch. The winch package is based on the well proven Seaonics PM-trawl winch system from Seaonics. This three-engine solution gives Havborg strong capabilities for both demersal and shrimp trawling. The system also includes Seaonics SeaBrief for remote system monitoring and communication.

In this project we are building on the continuous feedback and experience from our more than 40-trawl systems and are able to continue to expand the market and offering further. We look forward to work with Mortan on this project and excited to see the finished vessel.  



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