SEAONICS Big Drum Trawl Winch™

Publisert: 08/12/2016 oppdatert: 02/24/2017

SEAONICS presents the Big Drum Trawl Winch™ series, especially designed for trawling on deep water and rough bottoms, in arctic conditions. The winch is delivered with PM or conventional AC motors for both demersal and pelagic trawling.

The winch has unique dynamic capabilities, also on inner layers which makes it especially well-suited for trawling on deep water. The Big Drum Trawl Winch is delivered with SEAONICS artic package to ensure optimal winch operations regardless of surrounding temperatures.

SEAONICS Big Drum Trawl Winch™ benefits:

  • Excellent dynamic performance on all wire layers
  • Reduced  layers of wire on the drum
  • Increased shoot and heave speeds
  • Improved  snagging capacities
  • Provides redundancy with two or three motor (PM motor model)

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