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The Seaonics Way describes our customer process in four steps Concept development, Design, Production and Service. For the scientific research vessel REV Ocean it was all about concept development for this one-of-a-kind vessel, and we worked closely with the naval architects from VARD, yacht designers from Espen Øino International and the REV Ocean team to find the best solution.

Published: 06/18/2020 Updated: 06/18/2020

REV Ocean has a complete scientific equipment package as well as a commercial grade trawler to support research cruises that will focus on fisheries and biological research. All equipment is integrated in various hangars for the crew to work in safe and sheltered environments. (If you missed the post on moonpool operations you can find it here.) The integration of the full-size trawl deck was especially challenging, and this gave us several obstacles, in particular the handling of the trawl doors.


Traditional trawl doors hang at the stern of a vessel when not in use, and for the REV Ocean built-in elevated trawl hangar they would have hung over the work-deck below which was not an option. It also interfered with the design and look for the rest of the vessel.

The REV Ocean team, which had first-hand experience from trawl operations, took the lead on this development and together we tested several solutions before we ended up with the “telescopic rotating trawl door” concept.


Seaonics engineers from all disciplines joined forces and developed the telescopic rotating-trawl-skid solution based on the concept. This skid solution acts as an extended stern part of the vessel and moves the trawl doors and block into position during trawl operations. The equipment is then retracted into the trawl hangar when not in use. All operations are controlled from the main trawl hangar.


Check out this video from the testing at Vard Brattvåg in June this year, getting ready for SAT.

Want to know more about Seaonics concept development process or rotating trawl doors? Do you have new ideas and want to challenge us for new designs? Contact Terje Steffensen.


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