One-year service

We were recently in Fayard, Odense for the one-year service for Royals Greenland`s, Avataq. Avataq has had a record fishing season, and it was good to meet the crew and get their feedback. As always there are some issues to sort out, but the crew is overall very satisfied with the equipment and performance. We look forward to seeing new records from Avataq and its crew.

Published: 07/08/2020 Updated: 07/16/2020

The one-year service is the first checkpoint in Seaonics 5-year service & warranty program which we offer to our customers. Together with Royal Greenland we are designing a specific program suited for their needs when it comes to spares and service. A win-win for both parties.


Want to know more about Seaonics 5 year service and warranty program, please Head of Global Service and Aftermarket Erlend Strand Farstad.


PS: Also a big thanks to Fayard for great collaboration during the stay and work with Avataq.


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