Integrated control systems

Seaonics delivers premium control systems, all developed in-house with the users in mind. The result is intuitive and simplified, yet extremely powerful user interfaces providing the operator with instant situation awareness on system, operation and equipment level.

Published: 07/08/2020 Updated: 08/18/2020

Design principles for integrated control systems


For REV Ocean we started planning the control system architecture and functionality based on our 4 key design principles:

  • Safe - machine control
  • Secure -  system design robustness and resilience
  • User friendly – intuitive and simple, yet extremely powerful user interface
  • Logical – clear architecture with system, operations and equipment levels

Based on these principles and in close dialogue with end-users we design and simulate the control system operations before implementation and start-up.


Getting the big picture

With the control system design process we have gone through on the REV Ocean vessel we now control 11 winches, 5 overhead booms, a cursor and a 6000 m fiber crane with several different routing configurations through the same control system. In the same control system interface we have a complete system overview on system, operations and equipment level.


Level 1- System overview


Full system overview at a glance. Operator quickly gets a full overview of the system and ongoing operations.

Level 1: The big picture overview of complete system


Level 1: The big picture overview of complete system


The level 1 view shows wire routing, aggregated equipment status and where the equipment are controlled from.

  • Traction Winch – Wire routed to crane                          – Operated from Crane radio (indicated by remote symbol)
  • Deep Tow winch – Wire routed to moon pool                  – Operated from Moon pool Radio (indicated by remote symbol)
  • CTD winch – Wire routed to STB FWD Boom                 – Operated from Control Room (indicated by HMI symbol)

Level 2 -  Operations overview

Full overview of the ongoing operation. The user interface only presents need-to-know information required for safe and efficient operation.

Level 2: Current operations dashboard. Dashboard provide real-time performance data of the current operation.


The view shows equipment under control (EUC), operational data and equipment status

  • EUC:                CTD Winch are used in conjunction with light cursor frame in moon pool.
  • Operational:      System is at rest at 0 m/s, have no wire out and no payload in the hook.
  • Status:             System are healthy and the winch is in STOPPED mode

Level 3 - Equipment overview

Full overview on an equipment level. Operator is presented with a detailed overview over equipment status and recent usage.

Level 3:  Current equipment dashboard. Dashboard provide real-time performance data of the individual machine. In this example the CTD winch.


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