Crane simulator development

Seaonics is delivering a 100 tons crane designed and certified according to DNV-GL-ST-0378 with advanced Active heave compensation (AHC), splash zone handling and motion compensated ship to ship capabilities.

Published: 08/20/2021 Updated: 08/20/2021

As part of the project Seaonics delivers an advanced training simulator and digital twin of the crane based on the mathematical models of the system and forces acting upon the actual crane operations.

The simulator development was done in four main steps:

  1. Specification
    • Hardware, control system logic specified and described with test specifications according to DNVGL ST-0378.  
  2. System dynamics development
    • Development of non-linear models, load effects on system, sensors, gears, inertias and motor control.
  3. Graphical environment development
    • 3D models of crane, vessel (illustration only) and environment developed in high performance game engines.
  4. Tuning, test and verification
    • Defined test scenarios are executed, control system tuned and verified against specifications.


With the simulator we have a digital twin of the crane and can continue training and further test of the actual system.  


Want to know more about Seaonics simulators contact Tom Giske.


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