Containerized and mobile solutions

Mobile payload systems

In contrast to fixed installed single purpose equipment, mobile payload systems offer agility and flexibility to fleet owners. With mobile payload equipment such as Winches, handling frames and LARS, vessel owners can quickly adapt and capitalize on market opportunities that arises by quickly mobilize required capabilities for mission. Furthermore, CAPEX can be reduced by fleet sharing equipment pool and OPEX by on-shoring maintenance work in between missions. In the new-build-market, multi-purpose vessels designed from scratch to be a platform carrying mobile payload systems can offer further benefit with an inherent robustness for shifting market and potential of a lean manning profile during life-of-ship.


Customer benefits

  • Increase fleet utilization by quickly adapting to market needs
  • Reduce CAPEX by sharing equipment across fleet
  • Reduce OPEX by centralizing maintenance and inspection work
  • Reduce environmental footprint by carrying only what is needed for each operation

Key characteristics for SEAONICS Mobile payload systems

  • Minimal Mobilization time
  • Design with transportability and handling in mind
    • Where possible, ISO container envelope are kept
    • DNVGL 2-7.1 or 2-7.3 can be offered as options
  • Minimal number of Vessel Interfaces
  • Plug-and-play system setup
  • Remote diagnostic and support

Typical Equipment packages

  • Stand-Alone-Winches
    • Skid or containerized
    • Fully integrated VFDs and Control system
    • Air- or Liquid cooled Motors and Power electronics
    • Typical Winch options
      • Towing winches
      • Traction Units
      • Subsea winches
        • AHC/CT/AHC-CT
      • Winches for water- sampling/conditioning (CTD, MVP)
        • AHC/C 
    • Custom set-ups
  • Launch and Recovery Systems (LARS)
  • Skid or Containerized
    • Fully integrated VFDs and Control system
    • Air- or Liquid cooled Motors and Power electronics
    • Typical LARS options
      • ROV
      • AUV
      • CPT
      • Sea Floor Drill Rig
      • Trenchers
      • Tow Fish


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