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Ocean Trawling

Since the beginning of time the ocean has been a major global food source. Collecting and utilizing the resources efficiently is extremely important. One of the most efficient ways to catch fish is to use an active trawl system.


Ocean Trawling requires products that can handle the rough environments - tough whether condition, operations in artic, harsh sea bottom, and days of continuous operations, year after year.


The equipment is designed for:

• Solid strength calculations
• Dynamic Winches
• High speed winches for shooting and retrieval of the trawl
• Electrical driven Winches – improved Fuel economy
• High quality surface protection-Metalized ZnAl coat.
• Designed for long life, low maintenance

Trawling winch




                  Sweepline  winch


Collecting data and measuring oceanographic parameters is important for monitoring sea life in addition to climate changes. SEAONICS provide tools to monitor and harvest the ocean efficiently and environmentally.


SEAONICS have unique experience and technological expertise within the field of naval, oceanographic research and ocean trawling vessels. By utilizing the cross field experience between systems in the marine, offshore and fishery business, we are able to deliver reliable systems working in the roughest conditions worldwide.



Net Sounder Winch


Deck crane


Anchor winch


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